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                                          Exhibition 2013

The work in this exhibition explores the interaction of the individual with various aspects of the natural world, often from the perspective of childhood. There are four avenues of investigation:

1   Turning Series.

This series continues the approach of earlier work. Trees and spaces are depicted as objects of wonder and veneration drawing on ancient perceptions of sacred objects and locations. The individual, when included, appears as a small cruciform figure absorbed into the setting.

2   Connect Series.

This series explores figuratively the strong identification of humans with animals, birds and trees, - a closeness which can sometimes be particularly strong in childhood.

3   Garden Stage Series.

This theme stems from observations drawn from the controlled parameters of the garden. Wildlife and more confined creatures are often seen to interact in situations of  intended predation somewhat belied by the enclosed decorative environment.

4  Woods Series.

This series is inspired by frequent walking through forested areas is Co. Wicklow and also in thickly forested Bulgaria. The forest is a locus of ancient lore and beliefs, an arena of shelter and safety and of occluded danger, of pursuit and fleeing. It is endless in metaphorical possibilities.